Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Down Under Feminist Carnival
Much food for thought

Schrodingers rapist
I. can't. begin. to. explain. how. awesome. this. post. is.
READ IT!  Make the men in your life read it.
To one day be able to express myself thus...

Go Fug Yourself
Snarky fashion commentary - coz us hairy feminists laugh too, believe it or not!

Teaspoons aren't enough
The small stuff counts.  Also, FYI Teaspoons refer to taking a teaspoon out of the ocean - it may not seem to be doing much, but if we all did it, then we could empty the ocean (of sexism, patriarchy, ableism etc etc)

Target Women: Beauty Contraptions
Tee hee.  9306 times.  Times what?  LOL

Enjoy - and more coming soon - Rape Culture - Part Deux and Breastfeeding - boobies, boobies, boobies!

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