Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Today, I am so grateful for having such great friends.  I have old friends, book club friends, bellydancing friends, and motherhood related friends. There's overlap in all these groups, but they have their own history, their own dynamic and their own way in making feel useful and wanted in this world. 

Their ability to help me synthesise my thoughts and create joy in my life is so important and needed.

I think having friends that are parents, and that are on the same vague parenting page as you, is almost essential to Motherhood.  The way society is set up at the moment, stay-at-home mums tend to spend the majority of their time with their children as the only adult.  Finding other Mothers who are on the same page makes connecting and hanging out that much easier, and the experience of Motherhood that little bit less lonely.   So today I am grateful for those friends, and for finding friends, old and new.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I think we need to stop using 'Stabby'

It's a great word, as it so accurately describes that feeling of rage that we got from douchecanoes, bad drivers and body police. It sounds kinda fun, lighthearted, with the -y ending.

But if we (progressives/feminists/equalists etc) are a community that is against violence, a community that is aware that violence and threats of violence are used against us, especially against women, I think it's a little lazy and crass for us to use such a violent term. Especially when usually we are just really fucking angry.

I know some of my very favourite bloggers use it, and those of you who do, I would love to hear from you. Am I completely off track? Is it something we should do, but meh, more important things?

Language, and the way we use it, is important. And something we should be aware of how we use.