Thursday, August 12, 2010

NOT the way to continue this conversation..

A few months ago I went out to a suburban club.  I danced with a bunch of guys, my girlfriends I was there with and had a grand old time generally.  However, on 3 seperate occasions I had an identical conversation with men.

I had told each of these men that I was married (their actions indicated to me that they wanted to do more then dance). 

They then asked me why I was out on my 'own' (even though I was with 3 girlfriends).  When I answered with something like - "Because I want to be" (Incredulous look, pissed off tone).

They then said "If you were mine I wouldn't let you out by yourself"".

The tone was fully intended as a compliment, like if I was theirs they couldn't bare to have me unaccompanied by their manly selves...

Oh vomit. It shows how fucked up things are when men think this a good thing to say to a woman.

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