Friday, June 18, 2010


Damn right!

Down Under Feminist Carnival - yea.  One day I will be brave enough to nominate myself.  When I've written something I'm a little in love with I think.

The way Blue Milk writes is just so...right.
I think she is brave for writing this, because when I have expressed simlair things to other people they seem SHOCKED that you could hate parenting, or loathe that your child is awake.  Because us parents, especially us mothers, we are martyrs and sacrifice ourselves on the altar of our kids - bleurgh!.

Thoughts on vulvas, what we do to them and how this fits in to our current culture (western, privileged culture)

This really says everything I need to say about consent and how the patriarchy works against it.  And maybe how women are taught about consent.  It's not just yes and no.

Women's friendships with women.  Did you learn how to deal with conflict?

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